Master's Degree in Psychology


Am I qualified to get into an online psychology master’s program?






2-3 Letters

2 to 3 from professors only

Writing Samples

Statement + Sample

One undergraduate writing sample between 2k and 5k words and a statement of intent


GRE Psychology Subject Test

Few online master's programs require this subject test, which measures advanced knowledge in the field of psychology. This exam is generally used for PhD applicants who acquire a master's degree during a doctoral program.


Many competitive graduate schools measure verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning. Some departments will even publish the score average achieved by admitted students. However, not all online psychology programs require the GRE.

  • Average Score:
    • 152 Verbal
    • 149 Quantitative
    • 3.9 Analytical Writing

Additional Requirements


Some programs may expect applicants to provide a detailed description of all significant volunteer experience.

Writing Prompts

In addition to the undergraduate samples most schools require, you may find that a particular program has its own prompt in which students must either account for their graduate plans or to demonstrate their passion for an education in psychology.

What undergraduate degrees do psychology master’s students typically hold?

  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • English
  • Political Science
  • Economics

What can I do to better my chances of getting into an online master’s program in psychology?

  • Pursue an internship or hands-on clinical training. Depending on your eventual specialization, these internships may be found in hospitals, mental health facilities, and group therapy organizations, to name a few.
  • Shadow a therapist, counselor or other willing mental health professional.
  • Contact schools you are interested in and see if they are able to put you in contact with current, online-only students or recent alumni. This will give you a sense of the program and career paths once your master’s in psychology is earned.

Financial Aid

What scholarships and grants are available to online psychology master’s students?

Careers & Salary

Upon graduation from an online psychology master’s degree program, what skills will I have?

  • The ability to analyze and research current and historical psychological issues
  • The understanding and application of ethical principles during psychological research, study, teaching, and practice
  • An ability to identify authoritative sources of psychological news, research, and information
  • The ability to publish innovative ideas that advance mental health studies and professions through legitimate channels
  • The application of psychological theories during study, research, and professional practice

Once I’ve earned my online master’s in psychology, what will my job prospects look like?

  • Rehabilitation Counselor

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Alaska — $55,410
    • City with Highest Pay

      Bay City, MI — $66,790
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Idaho — $37,860
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Coeur d'Alene, ID — $34,500
  • Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologist

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Hawaii — $102,990
    • City with Highest Pay

      San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, CA — $114,560
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      New Mexico — $62,360
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Lebanon, PA — $68,310
  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Michigan — $50,890
    • City with Highest Pay

      Lansing-East Lansing, MI — $66,970
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Rhode Island — $34,020
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Waterbury, CT — $44,050
  • Mental Health Counselor

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Alaska — $57,040
    • City with Highest Pay

      Ocean City, NJ — $71,090
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Massachusetts — $41,550
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Lynchburg, VA — $42,040

Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Statistics; Collected July 2014

* Highest concentration of jobs refers to the location with the highest number of jobs (by field) for every thousand jobs. Average annual wage is then identified for the career in each location.


What are some of the most important publications in psychology today?

  • American Psychologist: This is the official print and online publication of the American Psychological Association, dedicated to research developments, employment data, and reports on international policies relevant to psychology.
  • Journal of the American Medical Association: Aspiring clinical psychologists and psychiatrists can follow along with breaking medical news and research data in this digital journal, which is updated several times a week.
  • Brain: A Journal of Neurology: This official Oxford University publication delves into clinical stories and cutting-edge research regarding international neurology.
  • The Journal of Neuroscience: This journal is designed to help students and professionals alike gain a better understanding of how the biological and chemical processes in the brain impact behaviors and mental health.

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