Master's Degree in Organizational Management


Am I qualified to get into an online organizational management master’s program?






2+ Letters

At least two letters of recommendation from professors or former employers

Writing Samples

Brief Statement

A brief statement of intent regarding your degree program timetable and career aspirations


The Graduate Record Examination is required for admission into some master’s in organizational management programs. The average scores for students studying business administration and management are reported here.

  • Average Score:
    • 150 Verbal
    • 151 Quantitative
    • 3.6 Writing
  • Some programs also accept the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) instead of the GRE.

Additional Requirements


Many organizational management students have previous professional experience that will be reviewed through submission of a resume or curriculum vitae as an application requirement.

What undergraduate degrees do organizational management master’s students typically hold?

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Liberal Arts

What can I do to better my chances of getting into an online master’s program in organizational management?

  • Participate in collaborative projects through academic coursework, part-time employment and volunteer activities.
  • Complete an internship with a company, government agency or nonprofit organization to gain management and operations experience.
  • Attend a conference or networking event sponsored by a professional association, such as the American Management Association, or local business consortium.

Financial Aid

What scholarships and grants are available to online organizational management master’s students?

  • American Management Association: This professional association provides annual scholarships, including opportunities for partial and full funding; amounts vary based on availability.
  • Richard Metzler Scholarship: The Association of Management Consulting Firms provides support to graduate students who are pursuing careers as consultants.
  • Legacy Scholarship: This is just one of multiple funding opportunities made available through the American Business Women’s Association; female students enrolled in business programs are eligible to apply for this $5,000 award.
  • Project Management Institute Educational Foundation: Multiple grants and scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to full tuition, are awarded annually through this PMI national foundation and the network of local PMI chapters.

Careers & Salary

Upon graduation from an online organizational management master’s degree program, what skills will I have?

  • Knowledge of multiple approaches for complex problem solving in a business environment
  • An understanding of the components of strategic planning, especially as they relate to institutional change, innovation and operational improvement
  • The ability to facilitate communication and conflict resolution efforts to manage team members and projects
  • The ability to evaluate research and apply results to decisions about policies, procedures and personnel

Once I’ve earned my online master’s in organizational management, what will my job prospects look like?

  • Economist

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Indiana — $198,120
    • City with Highest Pay

      Columbus, OH — $216,730
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Virginia — $120,150
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV — $117,930
  • Management Analyst

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Massachusetts — $104,650
    • City with Highest Pay

      Taunton-Norton-Raynham, MA — $132,530
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Virginia — $100,190
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Tallahassee, FL — $52,670
  • Operations Research Analyst

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New Jersey — $113,570
    • City with Highest Pay

      New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NY — $125,020
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Virginia — $99,760
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Tallahassee, FL — $47,910
  • Financial Analyst

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New York — $120,060
    • City with Highest Pay

      New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ — $125,140
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Delaware — $87,330
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT — $115,900

Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Statistics; Collected July 2014

* Highest concentration of jobs refers to the location with the highest number of jobs (by field) for every thousand jobs. Average annual wage is then identified for the career in each location.


What are some of the most important publications in the organizational management field today?

  • PM Network: The Project Management Institute’s magazine offers open access to feature articles online, covering issues ranging from time management and innovation to team dynamics and cybersecurity.
  • International Journal of Business and Management: IJBM is an open access publication presenting research articles related to corporate governance, entrepreneurship, e-business and managerial economics.
  • Organizational Dynamics: Learn more about organizational behavior and development through the latest research and case studies; selected articles are available through the publisher’s open access system.
  • Talent Management Magazine: View recent issues online to learn more about human resources topics, including recruitment and retention, assessment and evaluation and performance management.
  • Workforce Magazine: This free online publication focuses on human resources and personnel issues, such as talent management and business strategy.

What RSS feeds related to organizational management are worth subscribing to?

  • Society for Human Resource Management: Customize your news feed with news and updates from this professional association addressing issues ranging from recruiting and compensation to diversity and employment law.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Subscribe to the latest headlines from this popular source of economic, policy, technology, finance and business news.
  • Journal of Management: Receive updates about new articles, issues and podcasts featured in this academic publication of the Southern Management Association.
  • Wall Street Journal: Sign up for management news and feature articles, blogs and podcasts, focused on leadership, careers and workplace issues.
  • Mind Tools Blog: Subscribe to the latest articles and updates from this resource for career skills and management training, which addresses topics such as team management, communication, creativity and decision making.


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