Master's Degree in Healthcare Management


Am I qualified to get into an online healthcare management master’s program?






2+ Letters

At least two letters of recommendation from professors or former employers

Writing Samples

Brief Statement

A brief statement of intent regarding your degree program timetable and career aspirations


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The standard entrance examination for most MSHM, healthcare management master's, and MSM programs.

  • Average Score:
    • 600 total

Average scores are not reported for healthcare management programs specifically; below are the average scores of those who pursue MBAs.

Additional Requirements


Some colleges consider relevant professional experiences when reviewing applications.

What undergraduate degrees do healthcare management master’s students typically hold?

  • Healthcare Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Economics

What can I do to better my chances of getting into an online master’s program in healthcare management?

  • Intern or volunteer at medical facilities to gain an inside perspective of how they are run.
  • Join a professional organization to stay abreast of changes and current issues facing healthcare managers.
  • Shadow a healthcare manager to gain a better idea of what their job entails.

Financial Aid

What scholarships and grants are available to online healthcare management master’s students?

  • Tylenol Future Care Scholarship: This funding is available to graduate students entering any field of study in the healthcare industry.
  • Student Scholarship Program: The National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) offers three scholarships of $2,500 to minority students enrolled in healthcare management graduate programs.
  • Stephen Bufton Memorial Education Fund: Female students entering MBA programs in healthcare management can receive up to $10,000 in funding from this national scholarship foundation.
  • NBMBAA Scholarships: Black graduate students can earn up to $10,000 from the National Black MBA Association.
  • Cathy L. Brock Scholarship: Minority students can win up to $1,000 from the Institute for Diversity in Health Management.
  • Data for Life Prize: Healthcare scholars who develop research proposals regarding childhood mortality prevention could earn a budget of $50,000 to fund their research.
  • Academy of General Dentistry Foundation Grant Program: Graduate students who propose oral healthcare programs that help underserved populations can earn up to $5,000 in funding.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Research Award: The Medical Toxicology Foundation is offering $5,000 for projects that can reduce drug abuse, specifically in younger demographics.
  • Africa London Nagasaki Fund: Master’s degree applicants of African descent can apply to earn up to $50,000 to research infectious disease control in Africa.
  • Career Development Grants: The American Association of University Women (AAUW) provides women with graduate school funding opportunities.

Careers & Salary

Upon graduation from an online healthcare management master’s degree program, what skills will I have?

  • The ability to make responsible budget decisions in a healthcare environment
  • Awareness of challenges faced by patients and healthcare staff
  • An understanding and commitment to healthcare ethical and professional standards
  • The confidence and ability to lead healthcare professionals in high-paced, stressful environments
  • A thorough understanding of healthcare deployment systems and information structures

Once I’ve earned my online master’s in healthcare management, what will my job prospects look like?

  • Social and Community Service Managers

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New Jersey — $83,140
    • City with Highest Pay

      Madera-Chowchilla, CA — $91,200
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Maine — $55,650
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Bismarck, ND — $58,430
  • Human Resources Manager

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New Jersey — $138,210
    • City with Highest Pay

      San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA — $161,890
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Minnesota — $108,270
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Trenton-Ewing, NJ — $127,590
  • Medical and Health Services Manager

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New York — $114,750
    • City with Highest Pay

      Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, NJ — $123,760
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Massachusetts — $97,660
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Santa Fe, NM — $71,710

Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Statistics; Collected July 2014

* Highest concentration of jobs refers to the location with the highest number of jobs (by field) for every thousand jobs. Average annual wage is then identified for the career in each location.


What are some of the most important publications in the healthcare management field today?

  • Healthcare Executive Magazine: The official publication of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the magazine focuses on current management practices and governance strategies.
  • Health Care Management Review: This global publication compiles healthcare management practice recommendations.
  • Leadership+: This digital magazine is run by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, with news regarding the finances of personalized medicine.
  • Journal of Health Management: This journal’s sole focus is the experiences of healthcare management and policy practitioners, rather than academic research.
  • Health Affairs: This is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the fields of health policy, health education, and medical practice.

What RSS feeds related to healthcare management are worth subscribing to?

  • Modern Healthcare: This policy news site is run by Crain Communications, with feeds dedicated to research, commentary, and professional recognition.
  • Healthcare IT News: Stay on top of the latest data security practices, digital threats, and privacy issues with this tech-focused feed.
  • MedPage Today: Get the latest front page news on an assortment of healthcare topics, such as critical care, practice management, infectious disease, and hospital based medicine.
  • New York Times Health: Stay ahead of the curve by reading the nation’s breaking news on fitness, nutrition, health policy, and research.
  • Medical News Today: This online publishing company aggregates hundreds of news headlines in field specific healthcare RSS feeds.


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