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Career Success for Master’s Degree Holders

How do I present a master’s degree on my resume?

For many positions, a resume will be your only chance to present your credentials to prospective employers. Master’s degree program information should be listed first in the education section (unless the individual has earned a higher degree), and presented in the following way:

example of resume header

A completed example might look like this:

example completed resume header

This document should include personal contact information, employment history, and academic credentials. The Harvard University Office of Career Services (OCS) offers an online resume tutorial for master’s students that highlights the following points:

  • In most cases, a one-page resume is recommended.
  • Resume writers should use a common font (10-12 points), and avoid embellishing the text with underlining or shading. Margins should be at least three quarters of an inch, and consistent throughout the document.
  • Describe professional and academic experience using “action verbs”; the online tutorial lists more than 200 different “action” terms.

How do I start my career?

Once a student has earned a master’s degree, he/she must begin the next step: seeking employment. How individuals go about researching employers, applying for jobs, and enjoying long careers will depend on their professional field.

Please visit our Careers Center for a detailed look at how to achieve post-graduate employment success.

How do I leverage my alumni network?

Most accredited colleges and universities maintain a network of former students who can assist current enrollees and reach out to recent graduates about their experiences. Alumni networks also offer career services, such as job leads, information about professional development courses, and tips for preparing resumes and sitting for interviews. These organizations are in place specifically to serve their university’s student body ― so don’t be shy about contacting your school’s alumni network to seek advice about post-graduate employment.