Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology


Am I qualified to get into an online forensic psychology master’s program?






2+ Letters

At least two letters of recommendation from professors or former employers

Writing Samples

Brief Statement

A brief statement of intent regarding your degree program timetable and career aspirations



This is the most common entrance exam used by forensic psychology programs, however some schools do not require standardized test scores for graduate admissions in this field.

GRE Psychology Subject Test

This 205 multiple-choice question exam can be a required or suggested exam for applicants to psychology programs, regardless of focus. The questions in the exam largely come from the core psychology coursework taught at the undergraduate level.

  • Average Score:
    • 616 for all test-takers (out of a maximum score of 990)

Additional Requirements


Admissions boards want to know if you have work or volunteer experience related to forensic psychology.


Since forensic psychology relies heavily on collaborative work within the criminal justice community, some programs conduct applicant interviews.

What undergraduate degrees do forensic psychology master’s students typically hold?

  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology
  • Political Science

What can I do to better my chances of getting into an online master’s program in forensic psychology?

  • Intern at a local law enforcement or corrections facilities to gain an insider’s perspective on how they function.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of past and present legislation that affects those living with a mental illness.
  • Gain experience working with patients in a psychology clinic, either through an internship or full employment.

Financial Aid

What scholarships and grants are available to online forensic psychology master’s students?

Careers & Salary

Upon graduation from an online forensic psychology master’s degree program, what skills will I have?

  • The ability to apply psychological theories to forensic practice in law enforcement, corrections, and legal environments.
  • A strong understanding of legal and ethical obligations to patients, communities, and organizations
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with members of the legal system, law enforcement, and child welfare organizations.
  • The knowhow to apply critical research techniques and theories when carrying out a psychological evaluation

Once I’ve earned my online master’s in forensic psychology, what will my job prospects look like?

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Tennessee — $125,830
    • City with Highest Pay

      New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Metropolitan Division — $100,920
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Massachusetts — $80,010
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA NECTA Division — $89,190
  • Psychologist

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New Hampshire — $132,590
    • City with Highest Pay

      Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL — $122,220
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Florida — $89,120
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Alexandria, LA — $103,150
  • Mental Health Counselor

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Alaska — $57,040
    • City with Highest Pay

      Ocean City, NJ — $71,090
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Massachusetts — $41,550
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Lynchburg, VA — $42,040

Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Statistics; Collected July 2014

* Highest concentration of jobs refers to the location with the highest number of jobs (by field) for every thousand jobs. Average annual wage is then identified for the career in each location.


What are some of the most important publications in the forensic psychology field today?

  • Forensic Psychology Unbound: This open access, online journal covers an extremely wide breadth of topics, including DSM commentary, forensic instruments, and interrogations.
  • Psychology Today Witness Blog: This print and digital publication is dedicated to highlighting the professional and personal experiences of psychologists, scholars, and psychiatrists; this is their section dedicated to forensic psychology.
  • The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology: Scholars and professionals from multiple disciplines are encouraged to contribute papers regarding forensic theory, practice, and research to this publication, which is released six times a year.
  • Deviant Behavior: This academic and professional journal is dedicated to multidisciplinary reviews and articles regarding deviant social behaviors.
  • Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice: This publication, printed five times a year, focuses on practical techniques, innovative theories, and policy changes that can be useful to current forensic professionals.

What RSS feeds related to forensic psychology are worth subscribing to?

  • PsyBlog: Dr. Jeremy Dean runs this blog, which is dedicated to headlines regarding the newest psychological studies and mental health procedures.
  • World of Psychology: This online news source is home to dozens of blogs and feeds revolving around specialty topics, such as psychotherapy, PTSD, anxiety, and OCD.
  • PsyResearch Psychology Headlines: This feed aggregates global psychology news headlines, statistics, and job listings.
  • Evil Deeds: This is the official Psychology Today blog of Dr. Stephen Diamond, who delves into cases of particular interest to forensic psychologists.
  • Medical News Today Psychology: Get national breaking psychology news on a daily basis by subscribing to this article database.


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