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MCAT Prep Resources

  • Khan Academy MCAT Prep Courses: This open-source course provider maintains a collection of material geared for students studying for their MCAT. Courses are free and organized by “foundational concepts” that include biomolecular, cellular and chemical processes. he content in collection has been reviewed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, but does not claim to be a complete review program.
  • McatforMe Videos: McatforMe offers over 100 free MCAT video lectures covering key topics in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Podcasts, MCAT question-of-the-day generators and flashcards are also completely free on-site. The site produces most of its own materials for its MCAT prep course programs, which students can enroll in for a fee.
  • Kaplan Test Prep – MCAT: Kaplan offers onsite MCAT training programs for a charge, but anyone can attend their first 90 minute sample course free throughout the U.S. and Canada. Students can choose between a subject-based MCAT sample class or take a seminar on the new MCAT ETS is rolling out in 2015.

MCAT Practice Tests

  • AAMC – e-MCAT Practice Test: Members and non-members of the Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) can take one free full-length practice MCAT on-site. Users are also granted unlimited access to all of the e-MCAT practice test features for that exam. These include a timed practice option, customized practice approaches, and a detailed score report. The AAMC also offers a paid subscriber option to access seven additional practice exams.
  • The Princeton Review MCAT Practice Test:The Princeton Review offers free full MCAT practice tests regionally throughout the U.S. and Canada. These in-person test simulations help students prepare for procedures and conditions they will work under on test day. An online version is also available to those who cannot or choose not to attend a proctored exam.
  • MCAT-Prep.com Practice Exam: MCAT Prep’s free full-length practice test is conducted fully online and simulates the current MCAT exam (the MCAT format is set to change after January, 2015). Exam takers can review their score reports, discuss answers in the MCAT-Prep User Forum and watch free videos explaining concepts and answers from the practice test.