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Additional Resources

Analytical Writing Assessment

  • GMAT Essay Section Guide: This interactive page offers information on grading and writing the essay section of the GMAT.
  • GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment: Veritas Testing offers this free resource about the GMAT essay section, including directions, tutorials, editing functions on the test and scoring information.
  • Scoring Well on the AWA: Lengthy, detailed information from Manhattan GMAT about best practices when writing the essay section.
  • The Economist: A series of blog posts about the GMAT essay section written by The Economist’s authors.

Integrated Reasoning


  • Quantitative Prep Set: This book is designed for students who already score well on the verbal segment of the GMAT, but require a boost in quantitative skills.
  • 800Score Prep Guide: Quantitative: This free resource brings instructional videos and graphics to your quest to perform well on this section of the GMAT.
  • GMAT Math Formulas List: A breakdown of all the mathematical formulas with which you should be familiar before you take the GMAT.
  • GMAT for Dummies Cheat Sheet: Taken from the Dummies book, this site offers tips and tricks for GMAT success, including advice specific to the notoriously difficult quantitative resource section.


  • How to Study for GMAT Verbal: A Magoosh author details his preparation tips for this section of the GMAT.
  • GMAT Verbal Prep – The Sherlock Holmes Approach: An entertaining take on prepping for the verbal section, this article offers study tips for busy professionals.
  • CrackVerbal: A listing of articles, blogs, online videos, ebooks and other resources tailored to the verbal section.
  • Dominate GMAT Verbal: This online prep course contains hours of instructional videos and provides worksheets designed to help you hone your verbal skills before you take the GMAT.


  • GMATPrep Software: This free prep software from GMAC comes with 90 questions and answer explanations from Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning sections of past exams as well as two full-length scorable practice tests. Users must register as users of mba.com to gain access to the download. Additional content expansions for GMATPrep are available for purchase.
  • Beat the GMAT 60-Day Study Guide: This two month long free subscription service will send you daily emails with recommended readings, activities and supplementary videos and articles covering major concepts and strategies needed to beat the GMAT.
  • The Economist GMAT Tutor: The Economist offers a free seven day trial of it’s GMAT tutor program that comes with adaptive sample questions, mobile app access and personalized essay writing help. Users who participate in the paid tutoring course are guaranteed a 50 point score improvement by the end of the program or a full refund for tuition and fees.
  • Manhattan GMAT Flashcards: Manhattan offers six sets of free downloadable GMAT flashcards: “Equations, Inequalities, & VICs;” “Fractions, Decimals, & Percents;” “Geometry;” “Number Properties;” “Sentence Correction;” and “Word Translations.”

GMAT Practice Tests

  • Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Test: Veritas Prep offers computer-adaptive practice GMAT exams. The first simulator test is free to try and an additional 7 practice exams can be purchased for $49.00.
  • The Princeton Review GMAT Practice Test: The Princeton Review offers free full GMAT practice tests regionally throughout the U.S. and Canada. These in-person test simulations help students prepare for GMAT procedures and conditions they will work under on test day. An online version is also available to those who cannot or choose not to attend a proctored exam.
  • 800Score.com GMAT Practice Tests: 800Score offers limited free downloadable GMAT section tests and a package of five full exams for paid subscription. Free sections include a math and essay section guide. Tests come with a timing tool that helps test takers learn pacing strategies with each question.
  • 4Tests: One full-length practice version of the GMAT is available on 4tests. As in an actual GMAT exam, test takers are given 75 minutes to answer 31 mathematics questions and 21 verbal questions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Applicant Tips: Five business school candidates offer their tips for taking the GMAT.
  • 780 GMAT: A successful GMAT test-taker offers hints for success in this forum.
  • GMAT 760: Another business school candidate who performed well on the GMAT offers a detailed strategy for success.
  • How to Ace the GMAT: Kaplan provides GMAT test-takers with its expert advice on improving your score.
  • GMAT Tips: This article tag categorizes all publications on GMAT tips found in BloombergBusinessweek.