Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology


Am I qualified to get into an online clinical psychology master’s program?






2+ Letters

At least two letters of recommendation from professors or former employers

Writing Samples

Brief Statement

A brief statement of intent regarding your degree program timetable and career aspirations



The Graduate Record Examination is required for admission into most master’s level degree programs in psychology.

Additional Requirements


What undergraduate degrees do clinical psychology master’s students typically hold?

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Child Development

What can I do to better my chances of getting into an online master’s program in clinical psychology?

  • Get hands-on experience with research projects through undergraduate coursework or volunteer opportunities.
  • Volunteer with an organization that allows you to experience working in a clinical setting, such as a healthcare facility.
  • Review faculty bios and profiles to see if your interests align with those of at least one member of the department as a potential mentor.
  • Learn about current trends in the field of clinical psychology through student membership in professional groups, such as the American Psychological Association

Financial Aid

What scholarships and grants are available to online clinical psychology master’s students?

  • APF Graduate Student Scholarships: Sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation, this program offers 16 annual awards of $1,000 to $5,000 to support graduate student research.
  • Randy Gerson Memorial Grant: Full-time students may apply for this $6,000 grant to complete their research in the areas of family and couple dynamics or multi-generational processes.
  • NAJA Graduate Scholarship Programs: The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries provides annual assistance to students pursuing fields related to the needs of children and youth.
  • The Melanie Scholarship: Multiple $2,500 scholarships are awarded annually to graduate students pursuing degrees related to mental health.
  • Basic Psychological Science Research Grant: Students who are also members of the American Psychological Association’s graduate student group (APAGS) are eligible to apply for a $1,000 grant to support a thesis or other research project.
  • Thelma Hunt Research Grant: Students who are also members of the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology are eligible to apply for a $3,000 grant to support empirical research.

Careers & Salary

Upon graduation from an online clinical psychology master’s degree program, what skills will I have?

  • General knowledge of how to assess and treat mental illness, behavioral problems and emotional disorders.
  • An understanding of multiple approaches for promoting mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan.
  • Some master’s-level clinical psychology programs are designed to prepare students for state licensure, while others are more focused on preparing students to move on to doctoral-level programs.

Once I’ve earned my online master’s in clinical psychology, what will my job prospects look like?

  • Social Worker

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Rhode Island — $70,860
    • City with Highest Pay

      San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA — $80,280
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Montana — $38,620
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Visalia-Porterville, CA — $47,040
  • Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Massachusetts — $105,420
    • City with Highest Pay

      Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA NECTA Division — $121,490
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Vermont — $75,860
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Harrisonburg, VA — $73,890
  • Psychologists, All Other

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      New Hampshire — $132,590
    • City with Highest Pay

      Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL — $122,220
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      Florida — $89,120
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Alexandria, LA — $103,150
  • Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologist

    • Annual Mean Wage

    • Total Jobs, 2013

    • Total Jobs, 2022

    • Job Outlook, 2013-22

    • State with Higest Pay

      Hawaii — $102,990
    • City with Highest Pay

      San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, CA — $114,560
    • State with Highest Job Concentration

      New Mexico — $62,360
    • City with Highest Job Concentration

      Lebanon, PA — $68,310

Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook and Occupational Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Statistics; Collected July 2014

* Highest concentration of jobs refers to the location with the highest number of jobs (by field) for every thousand jobs. Average annual wage is then identified for the career in each location.


What are some of the most important publications in the clinical psychology field today?

  • Monitor on Psychology: This monthly magazine published by the American Psychological Association includes a digital edition dating back to 2001, which can be accessed online.
  • International Journal of Aging and Later Life: This open access journal features full-text articles and book reviews addressing challenges faced by older adults across the globe; all issues can be accessed online for free.
  • International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy: Research projects, theoretical reports and case studies are featured in this publication, which covers all areas of psychology; all issues can be accessed online for free.
  • Observer: This magazine is published by the Association for Psychological Science, featuring a free PDF edition that covers a wide range of topics related to scientific research, application and teaching.
  • International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology: Published quarterly, this journal provides open access to articles presenting current research, theoretical approaches and clinical cases.

What RSS feeds related to clinical psychology are worth subscribing to?

  • Assessment Psychology Online: Stay up to date with information about psychological assessment and testing.
  • Psychology and Psychologists: Subscribe to resources and articles published in The New York Times.
  • Social Psychology Network: Receive updates from blogs, podcasts and more through this collection maintained by this educational organization.
  • Mind and Brain News – Science Daily: Find out more about the latest news and research related to mental health, disorders and syndromes, neuroscience and more.
  • PsychCentral: Customize your feed by selecting from among specific mental health and psychology topics covered by a range of blogs and news sources.


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