Networking Basics

  • Networking Made Easy: Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Career Services center debunks networking myths and explains how it is all about creating relationships.
  • How to Network When You Hate Networking: Chrissy Scivicque, for U.S. News & World Report, provides tips for making networking more enjoyable. If you do something you like, it takes the work out of the experience.
  • How to Network: For Introverts: Rob May starts by differentiating introversion and shyness and then goes on to share what he has learned about networking as a self-identified introvert over the last several years.
  • How to Make Small Talk: The Art of Manliness explains the importance of turning small talk into deeper, more meaningful conversations. They provide tips on how to approach others, initiate conversations, and exhibit the correct body language.
  • The Key to Successful Networking: Career coach Marty Nemko asserts that small talk restricts you while networking. He suggests creating deeper connections in order to avoid “becoming part of that person’s data smog.”

Online Networking

Alumni Networks

  • Skills – Networking with Alumni: Columbia University’s Center for Career Education explains the protocol for contacting and connecting with alumni. They assert that it is important to remember you will not be given a job simply because you share an alma mater.
  • Networking with Carnegie Mellon Alumni: Though written with the alumni of Carnegie Mellon in mind, these tips on how to prepare for an event are useful for any graduate.