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About Us

Above all, MastersDegree.com was built to further legitimize the online master’s degree in the eyes of students and educators. We firmly believe that fully online graduate programs are becoming a fixture of 21st century education. The hundreds of accredited programs already operating online grow in prestige every day. We believe this site can play a central role in proving how rich an experience earning an online master’s degree can be and, taking things a step further, how successful professional life can be once a master’s is obtained.

But before you dive into our guides and tools, we feel it is important to provide you with upfront answers to some of the most common questions we receive.


Does this site only cover online programs?

No, while online only programs are the focus of this site, we are working towards becoming a comprehensive site with regards to graduate education as a whole. As you will learn, much of what is true regarding an online program is true of its traditional equivalent. This is not lost on us, and we do not shy away from calling out ― and fully exploring ― the similarities and differences between online and offline education.

Where does the information found in your resources, directories and tools come from?

The bulk of our data comes from government resources, notably the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ most recent career data in our survey of various master’s degrees and the job prospects for degree holders. Other government sources frequently cited include the U.S. Department of Education and the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

The information found in our directory of programs and schools is sourced from material published by the schools themselves or via the Integrated Postsecondary Education Datasystem (IPEDS), which compiles information like graduation and retention rates.

Are you affiliated with the programs featured?

MastersDegree.com is an independently run site. We are not affiliated with any master’s degree programs or schools. None of our links to particular programs or schools are sponsored. These programs were chosen because we regard them as some of the most reputable graduate schools.

How do you make money?

All money made through our site is done so via 3rd party advertisers and affiliates. All ads found on this site, be they banners or forms, are labeled as such. The material we produce ourselves and the tools we offer are all ad-free and 100% free to access. We will never require visitors of our site to use or endorse advertised or affiliated content.

Can I enroll in programs on your site?

No, direct enrollment in programs is not offered on this site. However, there will be instances, such as in our program directory, where you can click through to an enrollment form maintained by the school itself. You will never be required to click through to this form. It is simply available for your convenience.

Do you provide career or school counseling services?

No, we do not provide such services. Please review our disclaimer below in order to fully understand why that is. That being said, we do believe our resources provide invaluable insights into how to go about earning a degree and finding the right career. It is up to each individual visitor to determine how to apply such information. There are any number of pay-based or school-sponsored services a student can turn to in order to receive advice that accounts for their unique circumstances.

I’m nowhere near getting a master’s, is this site useful?

Absolutely. If anything, our site is for prospective graduate students, regardless of whether that means they are due to apply in the near or distant future. Students looking to simply wrap their head around the idea of earning a master’s degree will find no better place to start than our excellent introductory collection of frequently asked questions.

I’m an international student looking into grad school in the U.S., are these programs available to me?

No, all online programs found in our directory are intended for U.S. based students. That does not mean programs and schools we highlight do not offer international support. International students should take it upon themselves to properly research their online master’s options. Luckily, much of the information international students need to get started can be found in our program directory. From the directory, international students can jump to schools’ sites and contact them to get a sense of available options, online or otherwise.

Disclaimer: MastersDegree.com is a resource that strictly informs its visitors. Ultimately, all information found on this site should be treated as informal advice. Discretion and major education decisions must fall on each individual student.

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Thank you for visiting MastersDegree.com. We always welcome feedback. If you have any questions, or if you’ve experienced any technical issues while on our site, please use the contact form below to reach out. We work hard to reply to every message we receive, but there may be times when the amount of feedback we receive makes it hard to do so. We apologize if you do not hear from us in a timely manner, and, if that is the case, we encourage you to reach out again.