Exam Prep

College Level Examination Program

What exactly is CLEP testing and why would you need or want to know? It is a very beneficial type of testing that allows college students to take a test and earn college credits towards an associate, bachelor or master’s degrees. It is an acronym that stands for College Level Exam Preparation and it is an excellent tool for achieving college credits that you may be lacking or if you may simply want to skip a class. In essence, it is like giving you a free advance opportunity, even though you still have to pass the test. When you are ready to take these CLEP tests it will be necessary to go to one of the testing centers to do so.

Before you even look into the many possible CLEP tests that are available, check with your school to make sure that they will accept the credits that will be earned through the testing. Colleges and universities all have different policies regarding the CLEP tests and whether or not that they accept the tests in return for credits. If the associate or master’s degree program that you are working toward does accept the testing for gaining credits, then proceed in finding the courses that you need to earn your degree.

What are the benefits of CLEP testing?

Besides the obvious benefits of skipping classes and gaining easy college credits, there are a few other benefits that are worthy of mention. Saving money on books and tuition are a couple of the advantages of taking one of the CLEP tests. Also, you will not have to buy additional materials, lab fees or school supplies in order to take and pass the test.

Saving time is another huge bonus when testing with the CLEP. Earning course credits for an online master’s degree or other type of diploma with the CLEP testing can knock off a year of schooling and you can start your new career earlier than when you complete the normal class curriculum. Without taking the test, you could spend more of your precious time in the online classroom than is absolutely necessary.

How much credit will I earn with CLEP?

Earning credits with CLEP testing will vary among colleges depending on their current policy regarding CLEP tests. They do not all award the exact same amounts for each test completed. It could be possible also, that the online master’s degree program in which you are currently enrolled may limit the amount of tests that are allowed for earning credits.

With certain degree programs, like an associate or master’s degree, there may be only an exemption granted and no credit. Most of the time a college will allow credits to be applied to the core curriculum that are not specific to the discipline that you are studying. Also, if a credit has already been earned with another college or university, a CLEP test will not be allowed for gaining additional credits for the same subject.