Masters Degree in Education

A masters degree in education provides ongoing education for licensed, experienced teachers who would like to hone their skills and possibly advance their careers. This versatile degree is sometimes offered with different focuses that add to its applicability.

For instance, a masters degree in education with a special education emphasis prepares individuals for the challenging but rewarding work of teaching kids with special needs. This particular brand of teaching requires a special set of skills and a deeper understanding, making the masters program an asset to anyone whose goal is to pursue a career in special education.

A masters in education might also be offered with a leadership or administrative emphasis. These degrees will instruct you in the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective community leader, and eventually move into an administrative position such as principal, vice principal, dean, or department chair.

Many people mistake a masters of education as being more of a general introduction to education, but in truth the degree is much more advanced than that. The idea is to hone skills you already have, enhance your performance in the classroom, and possibly even advance your career along the path you’ve chosen.

Career Options with a Masters of Education

A masters of education offers a variety of career options, depending on the focus you choose. For instance, if you choose a masters program with an emphasis on leadership, you will be qualified to pursue a variety of administrative positions in the field. If, on the other hand, you choose a specialization in technology, you may wish to change tracks somewhat and pursue a career in online education, where you can do your teaching online instead of in a classroom.

Of course, we can’t forget the most obvious career option available to those who pursue this degree: to stay right where they are. There are other reasons for pursuing a masters in education than changing your career. You might get this degree simply because you want to be even better at the job you already do, or because you want to fill a role in the community that you don’t currently. Regardless of what your plans are now, though, remember that this degree will open the door to career advancement later on down the road, should you decide that is the path for you.

Is a Masters in Education Right for You?

Licensed teachers are probably the best candidates for a masters of education, whether or not they are currently teaching. This program is generally designed as an advanced degree, rather than the introduction many people believe it is. You should only consider a masters degree in education if you are truly serious about teaching.