Liberty University Liberty University is the largest non-profit university in the nation. Founded in 1971, the main campus is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. With over 230 programs to choose from, Liberty offers a Master’s degree program in business administration that is truly remarkable. If you prefer a school based on Christian principles and you are looking to obtain an MBA, you may want to consider Liberty University.

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University of Phoenix The University of Phoenix offers many associate, bachelor, and master’s programs. What truly sets this institution apart from many is the wide selection of programs which teach up-to-date, relevant information that will be useful to you today and in the future. The Master of Business Administration program provides students who complete their degree with all the information needed for success.

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American InterContinental University When you enroll in American InterContinental University you can expect a bright future ahead. Founded in 1970, AIU was created on the idea of transcending beyond the boundaries of the usual, hypothetical approach to schooling. AIU comes with highly accredited and has done an exceptional job providing students with the proper curriculum and skills needed to pursue all professional goals for the future.

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Masters Degree is the only website dedicated to providing students with a complete list of their school options for obtaining a masters degree. We currently have over 480 U.S campus-based schools in our database and have listed the schools that offer degrees in 80 different Master’s Degree subjects, in our attempt to provide students with an unbiased and easy way to see their many options for a particular type of masters degree.

For example, our Masters in Business Administration page lists every AACSB accredited MBA program and each link leads directly to that schools program. Each page focuses on a particular type of degree, includes information about that degree, and then lists every accredited school that offers that degree, linking directly to the school’s relevant page.

Masters Degree is a family owned website, created by Ron and Amanda Denney, and is intended to be a starting point for students considering a masters degree to find out their options. Too often students are directed to arbitrary or sponsored college rankings to begin their masters degree search, and thus they end up getting an incomplete picture of their options. Masters Degree is a nonprofit site, and because I have a full-time job in addition to maintaining this site I rely on feedback from users about errors and omissions on this website. So if you wish to make any suggestions, comments or proposed additions, please email me, Amanda Denney at:

Most Commonly Sought Master Degrees

Master degrees are present in every industry, making it a reliable tool to advance your career. That said, some majors outpace other in popularity due to their job prospects, broad range of applications, or average salary. Here's a look at some of those majors:

Arts & Humanities

Business & MBA

Computers & IT

Education & Teaching

Health & Medicine/Nursing

Basic Information About Masters Degrees:

Depending on the career field of study, a master’s degree can be completed in one or two years beyond acquiring a bachelor’s degree. It is one of the best ways to begin a brand new career or advance in a current position while increasing income levels significantly. A master degree in a prescribed study will distinguish an expertise of a heightened rank in a professional field of study or a specific academic discipline.

While there are many different college degrees in various specialties and disciplines, the two primary degree types are the Master of Science and the Master of Arts. These are course and research based degrees that extend the education after achieving the associate and bachelor degree which will provide larger opportunities, as well as qualification into a higher pay range.

According to the U.S. census bureau, earnings can be nearly doubled with a bachelor degree over those simply holding a high school diploma. Even more importantly, those individuals that hold a master degree can almost triple their annual income over just completing high school. The average annual salary for those holders of master’s degrees is approximately $75,000.

Career Options with a Masters Degree

Professional masters degrees in business, psychology, public affairs, health and computer science are some of the fastest growing areas of graduate studies and have the widest career options. While a slight decline has been seen in teacher education, it is continuing to be a top master’s degree sought after because of the laws intact for becoming an educator today. The recently enacted ‘no child left behind’ law requires all employed educators obtain a masters degree.

Obtaining a masters degree is often a desired prerequisite to conferring a doctoral degree when entering a PhD program. Holding a master degree will gain entrance into the best PhD programs with the laboratory skills and research experience that have been gained during the course of earning the masters. People that have been awarded the masters in biology have a significant advantage when enrolling into medical school because of the extended education that it provides.

Nursing careers will be in high demand infinitely and these types of careers are likely to be the future in primary care. Earning the masters degree will assist in not only opening more opportunities with employment, but also will offer a much higher income level. The nurse practitioner career earns approximately $80,000 a year whether they are working in a private practice office, public clinics or in school nursing. The master’s degree will be very beneficial in gaining any of these types of nursing careers.

Online Masters Degrees vs Campus Masters Degrees

More colleges and universities are now offering online master degree programs than ever before. The monetary and educational benefits of attending accredited online master’s degree program are obvious, while the flexibility and convenience could be the main purpose for individuals in enrolling online for gaining a masters degree. Yet at the same time that these degrees are increasing their reputation in the job market, there is growing concern that students are being burdened for too much debt relative to their increased earning potential, prompting the US government to consider further regulation. So, while it seems online schools may be a good option for many, at this time it is our recommendation that students study the particular school closely before selecting it.

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