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The master’s degree is a post-graduate degree students can pursue once they have graduated from a bachelor’s program. While bachelor’s tend to provide a more general overview of a given field, holding a master’s degree indicates a more advanced understanding of a field and often expertise in a given subfield. Earning such a degree requires a great deal of forethought and drive.

Here you’ll find everything you need to: identify a reputable online or offline master’s degree program, succeed once enrolled and eventually land a career that lets you fully apply your degree.

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Median Salary Comparison

Bachelor's Degree Holder vs Master's Degree Holder


$60K < $80K

Health & Medicine

$60K < $80K

Law & Public Policy

$50K < $70K

Science & Engineering

$75K < $99K

Social Science

$55K < $85K
Source: What It's Worth: The Economic Value of College Majors, Georgetown University, May 2011

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